Gamification Sandbox

  • Find out more about 3DGameLab here:
  • A good short (18min) tutorial showing the basics:
  • Below are actual gamified courses (but they are closed for privacy reasons so contact us directly for information and access under FERPA).

[1] Cypherpunks in the Chambre Blue:

A partial module under development for a 17th century French Literature course can be experimented with by requesting an invitation from us. Comment here or email us at or

[2] ECO 242: Economics, Media, and Propaganda

Fully developed interdisciplinary non-major course (also core elective for Critical Media Studies, Women’s Studies, and American Studies programs at Rollins College).

[3] ECO 202: Economics in Historical Perspectives

Fully developed principles core-course in which the computer game Civilization V is also used (also core elective for International Relations, Public Policy, and International Business at Rollins College).

[4] ECO 404: Senior Seminar in Economics

Fully developed writing seminar centered on an analytic research paper on a free topic but requiring development of analysis from multiple methodological and ideological perspectives.

MORE TO COME–feel free to contact us for further information and invites to create a student account with which to explore some of these yourself.


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