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CALL FOR PAPERS: Major Interdisciplinary Conference @ Rollins College this June (deadlines soon)

46th Annual Congress of the

North American Society for Seventeenth Century French Literature

Rollins College and the University of Central Florida

Winter Park and Orlando, Florida, USA

June 1-3, 2016

Creation, Re-creation, and Entertainment:

Early Modernity and Postmodernity

Orlando may be the best place to discuss the subject of creation and re-creation of entertainment: the city lives under the shadow of Disney corporation, whose most celebrated re-creations are based on French texts from the 17th century French literature, and in particular Perrault’s fairy tales. From this perspective, whether we speak of fireworks behind a prince’s castle, a morality tale to entertain children and parents alike, or even a theatrical representation that seems to appear from magic, the three hundred years that separate Orlando and Versailles seem to disappear: the parallels between the 17th and 21st centuries are founded on the same drive to enliven and enlighten one’s world.

The purpose of this inter- and transdisciplinary conference is to broadly investigate the concept and practices of entertainment during the formation of the modern world. We will consider the economics, the politics, and the institutions of literary, artistic, popular, scientific, and mundane works, as they evolved in 17th and early 18th centuries. This era is rooted in its past. and has shaped the system of the modern world. We therefore will also explore the processes of re-creation as societies and their cultural artifacts are transformed, in relation to their inspirations, whether antique or contemporary, French or not. This aspect of the conference explores the relationship between the creation and the re-creation of a work, and transgresses the ephemeral barriers of time and space to study the 17th century, its influences, and the impacts that it had and continues to have on the world.

In the spirit of the topic, we encourage the most creative (and entertaining) panels and presentations. We welcome submissions from all disciplines and inter/transdisciplinary perspectives that address some aspect of this broad topic. We also encourage you to submit papers and panels on education and pedagogy.

Abstracts proposals for presentations (about 300 words) have to be sent by October 20, 2015. Proposals for panels (with or without presentations) have to be sent by October 10, 2015.
The address is:


Benjamin Balak, Department of Economics, Rollins College:

Monica Montalvo, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, UCF:

Charlotte Trinquet du Lys, NASSCFL President; Department of Modern Languages and Literatures, UCF:

Has the WoW Token killed off illegitimate gold sellers?

There’s an educational gold-mine in WoW. This can be linked to so many real-world economics: financial regulation, monetary policy, informal sector, development, to name a few.

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I have one of the best jobs in academia. Here’s why I’m walking away. – Vox

Brutally honest