Education in 2030: the Times of London looks head

Bryan Alexander

A robot peeking around a corner; Times of London graphicA few weeks ago the Times of London asked a group of British, Australian, and American academics to imagine what education might look like in 2030.  The results are engaging and diverse, illustrating neatly the wide range of education futuring.  They also hit many high notes for current issues.

For example, these themes appear: automation of the economy, automating learning, flipping the classroom, shortened attention spans, lectures in decline or triumph, mobile devices as enabler or enemy to learning, data analytics, interdisciplinarity, development of new competencies, and assessment.

There’s a wide range of anticipation about the scope of change, from massive revolution to slow, incremental change (check this comment, for example).

I was struck by one vision of a health-centered class, from Dan Schwartz and Candace Thille:

Th[e] de-Balkanisation of university departments will also result in Health 101 becoming the most popular course. Advances in biology…

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