I am all over the media this week, in podcasts and video

Bryan is definitely a person who needs to be heard, seen, and listened to even more!

Bryan Alexander

Recently I’ve been ramping up my digital media work, between the Forum and some digital storytelling.  At the same time other people have been including me in their productions, which has been exciting, productive, and a lot of fun.

For example, in podcasts, I went back on Howard Teibel‘s Tiebelcast. The framing question was “how do you transform academic structures and programs without diminishing the mission?” We talked about queen sacrifices, among other things.

Tiebelcast, queen sacrifice episode

Meanwhile, Rod Murray interviewed me about the latest Horizon Report.  This was a conversation hosted by Inside Higher Ed.

Rodney Murray's Pulse, our Horizon Report discussion

SFF Audio podcastIn between those programs, I returned to SFF Audio to discuss a great Borges tale.  “The Circular Ruins” (1940) begins like this:

No one saw him disembark in the unanimous night, no one saw the bamboo canoe sink into the sacred mud, but in a few days there was no one who…

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